TITLE OF WORKSHOP: Advanced Techniques for Punch Needle

TEACHER: Margaret Mitchell MAX: 10

DATE(S): Two days: Sat, Jan 25 and Feb 8   LOCATION: Maki House

START TIME: 9:30 am END TIME: 3:30 pm COST: $140 + $55 for kit

Bad weather alternate date: Sat, Feb 8
Participants will be notified by noon the day prior to a cancellation due to weather

Participant Deposit Paid in full
1. Penny Rose Y Y
2. Julie de Loë Y Y
3. Sherri Grass Y Y
4. Shelagh Ryan Y Y
5. Lesley Larsen Y Y
6. Nancy Scott Y Y
7. Cindy Seaman Y Y
8. Trudi Farrell Y Y
9. Marjorie Swift Y Y