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Design Tips and Tricks

Hooking: Craft and Art Form
A short description of hooking for those new to the craft.

Knowing your backing fabrics
Descriptions of monks cloth, rug warp, and the various types of linen

How to calculate wool for a rug
Formula for calculating how much wool you need for a given rug size. And lots of other questions answered.

Manage threads/yarn when punch hooking.
A great tip from one of our members. Thanks, Sherri.

Hooked 3D Christmas Tree
One of our members, Sigrid Grant, has agreed to share the design for her miniature 3-D Christmas tree. Download the instructions here. It is a multi-page document. You may want to print only the pages you need and read the rest online.

  • Page 1 contains the instructions.
  • Page 2 has the pattern.
  • Note: You may wish to make your tree larger than the pattern is designed for. Just remember that the only critical dimention is the angle at the top. To make a bigger tree, extend the side lines to the desired dimension.
  • Pages 3 and 4 contain colour photos of the work in progress.
  • Page 5 is a short narrative of the history of Christmas tree decorations. Starting on the bottom of page 5 and continuing on Page 6 are tips and more detailed instructions on making the 3D Christmas tree.

Transferring a Pattern to Backing
A genius woman on Facebook, in the Wooly Mason Jar group, has devised and shared what will probably become the de facto method of transferring a hooking pattern to a backing. The first of us to experiment with this method has written up the process for you to download here.

Google an Image
You may have acquired an image (jpg) of something you would like to hook but want to make sure you are not violating any copyright laws by doing so. You should first establish the owner of an image. One way to do this is to use Google Image search feature.

The Ultimate Colour Combinations Cheat Sheet
For some people, choosing colour combinations that work is one of the most difficult aspects of hooking. Others are blessed with an inate ability to know what works without having to agonize over their decisions.

Copyright Guidelines for Polymer Clay Artists
While this is directed specifically to polymer clay artists, there is much valuable information in this graphic that can be applied to rug hooking.

Washing Your Wool Before Hooking
Why it's important to wash your wool before it goes into a rug...and tips on washing.

How to Value and Price your Hooked Pieces
A valuable resource for anyone wanting to sell their work.

Scrolling Gallery Guidelines
If you want to include one or more pieces of your work in the scrolling gallery at the top of the Olde Forge website pages, check the guidelines which you can download here. Tips on how to photograph your work, how to submit the images, information to include with the images, etc.