Ottawa Olde Forge Rug Hooking Branch

Since 1977


Members of Olde Forge pay an annual membership fee of $60.00** collected at the first meetings each fall for the upcoming calendar year. The fee includes membership in the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild (OHCG) which provides members with a subscription to the OHCG Newsletter, a quarterly publication.

** Fee of $60 as of 2018. Subject to change for upcoming years.

OHCG gives access to an international network of approximately 1000 men and women who share their enthusiasm and experience for the art of Traditional Rug Hooking. Ours is an Area 1 branch. More information about areas and branches withing OHCG is available at the OHCG site.

If you move, don't forget to send a change of address to OHCG so that you continue to receive your OHCG newsletter. Send your change of information to:
Bonnie Waterfield, Membership Advisor, 6 West Village Drive Inglewood, ON L7C 1H4

Facebook Group

Members of Olde Forge Rug Hooking Branch can join the Facebook group of the same name. It is a private group restricted to Olde Forge members only. It was born early 2017 and has become a vibrant and interesting place to hang out. Lots of pictures of recent work being uploaded, questions about best practices, hoooking advice, etc. Come join in.


See our Meetings page for time and place of meetings.