Hooking: Craft and Art Form
A short description of hooking for those new to the craft.

Hooked Rug and Homelife Museum.
Check out the virtual tour and get inspired.

Hooked Rug Museum of Nova Scotia
Check out their image gallery and especially look for The Ark.

How Craft Becomes Art by Sara Judith.
“Outside the box” has become a very common expression these days. But for a hooker, what is the box you are to work outside? What makes up your box?

Rug Hooking Magazine Master List of Issues
An issue by issue list of all articles from Rug Hooking Magazine from 1989 to the present.

Index by Subject of Rug Hooking Magazine articles, 1989-2019
This index to articles in Rug Hooking Magazine since its beginning in 1989 is a very useful resource as it brings the articles together by subject, such as finishing, pictorials, repairing rugs, etc. There’s no need to go issue by issue to find what may be helpful if you have a particular interest or need some guidance. Articles on dyeing are covered in a separate list (see below).  Prepared by Jane Thacker, librarian for Olde Forge Branch.

List of articles on dyeing in Rug Hooking Magazine
A list all of the articles about dye techniques, dye tools and dye recipes published in Rug Hooking Magazine since its beginning in 1989. Compiled by Jane Thacker, librarian for Olde Forge Branch.


Lizan Freijsen is inspired by fungi and mold to create beautiful textiles using a unique process that combines color and form with the time-consuming craft of hand tufting.

Preparing to hook

How to calculate wool for a rug
Formula for calculating how much wool you need for a given rug size. And lots of other questions answered.

Google an Image
You may have acquired an image (jpg) of something you would like to hook but want to make sure you are not violating any copyright laws by doing so. You should first establish the owner of an image. One way to do this is to use Google Image search feature.

Backing fabric: Verel
As an alternative to linen and burlap, Verel is useful for many types of hooking.

Transfer a Pattern to Backing
The Wool Genie, a genius rug hooker, shared in the Wooly Mason Jar Facebook group, a method she devised for transferring a design to a backing. The first of us in our group to experiment with this method has written up the process for you to download here.

Washing Your Wool Before Hooking
Why it’s important to wash your wool before it goes into a rug…and tips on washing.

Rug Hooking Tips and Tutorials
A Pinterest site covering a multitude of rug hooking topics. You could spend all day here.

Make time to stretch
Rug hooking can be murder on the hands. Taking frequent breaks and doing regular hand exercises as shown on this poster can help prevent and alleviate damage and associated pain.  Courtesy of Wisconsin comic artist & illustrator Kaitlin Bruder (@bruderkaitlin)


Knowing your backing fabrics
Descriptions of monks cloth, rug warp, and the various types of linen

Share and Learn: Hooking Water

At our November 2018 meetings we had wonderful discussions about hooking water and it was wonderful to see the examples that people brought in. Hopefully we can get pictures of these pieces. In the meantime, here is some of the wisdom shared.

Hooking a Christmas tree
Instructions for hooking a Christmas tree ornament that you can hang on your own tree.

Punch Needle Hooking

Punch Needle Hooking Tutorials
Amy Oxford’s series of punch hooking tutorials that will take you from start to finish. Currently over 20 videos, with more to come. Bookmark this site and get started.

Manage threads/yarn when mini punch needle hooking.
A great tip from one of our members. Thanks, Sherri.


The Ultimate Colour Combinations Cheat Sheet
For some people, choosing colour combinations that work is one of the most difficult aspects of hooking. Others are blessed with an inate ability to know what works without having to agonize over their decisions

Copyright & selling your work

Copyright Guidelines for Polymer Clay Artists by  
While this is directed specifically to polymer clay artists, there is much valuable information in this graphic that can be applied to rug hooking.

The Canadian Right to Copy : Copyright for Dummies
If you find yourself tempted to copy an image for your next rug, you need to
ask yourself a few questions.

How to Value and Price your Hooked Pieces by Christine Little
A valuable resource for anyone wanting to sell their work.

Caring for
hooked pieces

Care and feeding of hooked pieces
Tips on taking care of hand-hooked rugs.

Cleaning Rugs with Snow
Info on using the age-old technique of cleaning hooked rugs with snow.

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