Karen Kaiser, an artist by birth and a graphic designer by trade, continues to create and experiment with many mediums … especially traditional rug hooking. Visit her website or studio and enjoy brightly-coloured wool, ideas and workshops to sign up for. Karen will personally help with colour choice, and you can have a pattern traced while you shop in studio.

To live a creative life you must lose the fear of being wrong.” — Karen Kaiser

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BaaBaaBundles brings you one-of-a-kind, unique, quarter-yard bundles of reclaimed wools and alternate fibres. Exquisite, previously-loved garments including Harris Tweed blazers, Scottish plaid kilts, stretch velvets, slinky dresses, silks, ribbons and funky yarns are cleaned, cut and ready for you to create a rug-hooked treasure. Gripper-top frames, patterns and other supplies are also available.

“Add some pizzazz to your stash!” — Cathy Ivory

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Barbara’s goal is to honour Canadian artists in textile form, passing on the beauty created by one generation to the next as they become treasured heirlooms. Maud Lewis, the renowned Nova Scotian folk artist, is one of the artists Barbara showcases in several different textile art forms: rug hooking, quilting, wool appliqué, felting and punch hooking and mini punch hooking. Her Etsy site offers patterns and wool in Maud Lewis colours as well as other artists she features. Visit Barbara’s website for more of the story.


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Gunda has combined two passions, rug hooking and woodworking, to create a brilliant line of products designed specifically for rug hookers that she personally makes by hand in her workshop in Ariss, Ont. Crowsfoot Studio products range from folding cutter tables and travel frames to complete sit-on and floor-mounted stands. Gunda has been a vendor at many hook-ins and ships to customers across Canada and internationally.

I want rug hookers to have the best tools so they can hook with ease, at home, at hook-ins, anywhere!” — Gunda Gamble

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DREAMS & CREATIONS is a small business located in Spencerville, just south of Ottawa. Focussing on Having Fun With Fibres, we cater to rug hookers, felters, weavers, spinners and other fibre artists. We’re a Canadian dealer for Fraser Rug Cutter Co. In addition to selling Fraser and Bliss cutters and blades, we provide overhauls from small repairs to major problems and sharpen blades. We also sell Louet spinning wheels, looms and blending boards. Plus, we carry fibres and yarns, felting equipment and a variety of tools and supplies – all to help you create your works of art and have fun with fibres.

We can help you find just what you’re looking for. Contact us anytime.

613-658-2776 or 613-498-7462

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Wendo Van Essen’s career was as one of the “drawers” on traditional feature animated films. Once the computer took over, Wendo realized she wanted to keep working with her hands, so she started her fibre art business. Her job has been a large influence on her work, and she likes to create fun whimsical sculptures in wool. Wendo uses the technique called needle felting to poke wool fibres into place, whether it’s in a landscape or a three-dimensional character.

I’m always looking for different ways to express myself … In fact, I’ve fallen in love with rug hooking too … I use my wool fibre and the textures are gorgeous!” — Wendo Van Essen

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Heartfelt Fibre Arts is a Canadian fibre arts supply store specializing in high-quality, unique fibre and tools for all of your knitting, felting, rug hooking, weaving, spinning and stitching needs. Fibre enthusiasts can shop online or visit the studio in Toronto at 42 Industrial Street. It’s a marvellous place to shop, learn, create and be inspired!

I opened Heartfelt Fibre Arts to be inspired by fellow fibre artists and create a one-stop-shopping space where they can make their creativity come alive.” — Dawn Liu-Smyth

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Loretta Moore discovered hooking over 20 years ago, giving up quilting, beading, knitting, cross stitch and more to become an addicted hooker. She began teaching and making kits due to the difficulty in finding supplies in the area. Her focus is primitive: dyeing primitive colours, offering an extensive variety of primitive patterns (only on primitive linen) and kits. And then there is this other side: Loretta also does exquisite miniature punch needle, offering supplies including needles, hoops, kits and beautiful threads.

Primitive rug hooking is my obsession and my passion.” — Loretta Moore

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With over 40 years’ experience as a cabinet maker, Jacques Lepage makes wooden rug hooking frames, punch hooking frames, and other wooden wool related items.
As a rug hooker himself, he makes his rug hooking frames so they can turn and tilt. Using beautiful cherry wood and maple wood these frames are sturdy and light.

Keep rug hooking alive” – Jacques

For more information: jacisa@live.ca
Cell: 450-288-3201   Home 450-371-5115
Jacques Lepage
159 Alexandre
Valleyfield, Quebec
J6S 3J1

(See also: Isabelle Rollin)

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Nestled in the hills of Caledon, the studio offers a large selection of wool, patterns and a complete line of rug hooking supplies.  Your source for our “Studio Line” products of linen, wool and alternative fibers. Shop in person or the website at your convenience.

Through my original hooked rugs I continue to preserve this fibre art of our ancestors to be enjoyed by collectors worldwide. With the addition of rug hooking supplies, wool, patterns, kits and classes, it is my goal to inspire others to create heirlooms that will be cherished today and by future generations.” — Martina Lesar

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Isabelle Rollin designs her own hooked rugs and, due to the increase in requests, recently began making patterns to sell.
Isabelle also offers personalized wooden name tags, exclusive hand painted magnetic wooden scissor holders, scissor or bag identifiers (also great as ornaments) and more.

Bring beauty and joy into this world” – Isa

For more information:  jacisa@live.ca
Cell 450-288-3201   Home 450-371-5115
Isabelle Rollin
159 Alexandre
Valleyfield, Quebec J6S 3J1

(See also: Jacques Lepage)

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Several years ago, Willow Creek Rug Hooking began as a sideline to Carol’s teaching. With a love of dyeing wool, the “stash” just kept growing and was not all being used by her students so it made sense to sell outside the classroom. Now Willow Creek is carrying its own brand of hoops, as well as several styles of hooks and scissors. The hand-dyed wool is largely Dorr natural, with a few textures added here and there. There are original Willow Creek patterns, as well as several other artists’ designs.

It is great to watch students learn to hook and to witness their excitement as they discover their new-found talents.” — Carol Shewan

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Located just outside of the Kitchener-Waterloo area, Ingrid’s studio is located in her home. All your rug hooking and punch hooking supplies are available, along with a large variety of hand-dyed wools and textures. The studio is Canada’s source for the Snapdragon rug hooking frame and home of Primary Fusion dye books.

Through my teaching, dyeing and supplying of this art form, I encourage students/customers to create their own works of art and experience the enjoyment and gratification that comes with the finished project.” — Ingrid Hieronimus

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Red Maple Ruggery provides quality hand-drawn patterns for rug hooking and punching, luscious hand-dyed wool fabric and yarns, kits, rug hooks, Oxford punch needles and other rug making supplies. Simone is a certified Oxford punch needle instructor who provides classes, ongoing encouragement and support. Visit the booth to see punch needle demonstrations and to find your new passion!

I love the feeling of ‘painting with wool’; the juxtaposition of function and artistry in hooked rugs. I even dream of rug making and designs while I sleep! Being able to create these rugs and patterns, playing in the dye pots and, best of all, teaching and sharing my passion for punch needle is both satisfying and thrilling!” — Simone Vojvodin

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SilkDivine on Etsy is honoured to be a vendor at the Annual, and delighted to bring the beauty of its sari silk ribbons to rug hookers, fibre and textile artists. You’ll want to touch and experience the extensive variety of textures and gorgeous rich colours that will take you on a trip around the world. As if that isn’t enough, Linda has a second line of products that focuses on gorgeous rovings (wool, Merino, silk, ramie, bamboo and blended), silk fibres and wool locks.

I strive to keep the love of the arts alive, as life is only defined by our visions, creations, accomplishments.” — Linda Desbiens

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Tina’s Distinctive Colours features Carolyn Clemens’ Jewel Tones swatches. Come and check out more than 375 colours of hand-dyed wool!

One of my favourite quotes is by John Ruskin: ‘The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.’” — Tina Cole

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The Sharpening Shoppe is a proudly owner-operated Ottawa business. John started his sharpening career in 1983, and acquired JC’s Mobile Sharpening in 1985. He continued to build his business with the acquisition of Buckland Saw Sales and Service. John continuously strives to offer quality sharpening at a fair price. The mobile service will be onsite Saturday afternoon — staying until attendee customers’ scissors, snips and Olfa cutters are well sharpened and ready for more hooking activity!

I’m always on the lookout for better techniques and quality machinery to better serve local business and industry.” — John

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