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Lucy Walsh"Primilistic Rug Hooking: a Twist in Primitive Hooking"2022September/October
Carol Koerner"Halloween Nesting Dolls: Let's Have Some Three-Dimensional Fun!"2022September/October
Lana Armstrong"Saltbox House [by] Lana Armstrong"Canada2022September/October
Vicki Cameron"The Paisley Project: the Case of the Vanishing Paisley"patternCanada2022September/October
Kelly Laaper"Maritime Heritage: Hooking Three Generations of Master Boat Builders"Canada2022September/October
Wanda Kerr"A Wild Adventure in the Dye Pot: Ready to Explore with Color?"dyeingCanada2022September/October
Carol Shewan"A Good Finish: Part 5 of a Series on Finishing Techniques: Finishing a Pictorial Without a Frame"Canada2022September/October
Patti Patrick"How to Hook 'Pumpkin Moonshine' With a Lesson on Inspiration From Famous Painters"pattern2022September/October
Charlie Dalton"Hope Comes in an Array: Inspired by Alma"2022September/October
Laura Salamy"Collaborating With an Indigenous Artist: Ask Permission, Show Respect"2022September/October
Hayley Perry"Searching for My Visual Language: Tiny Painting Leads to Hooked Mats"2022September/October
Susan Gaby-Trotz"Art or Scars? Rug Hooking Inspired by Urban Graffiti"Canada2022September/October
Gene Shepherd"To Hook or To Burn? Deciding the Fate of a Crooked Pattern"2022September/October
Devin Ryder [co-author]"Two Hookers and a Guy Named Duncan: Fascinating Rhythm and Geometric Design"2022September/October
Kathleen Harwood [co-author]"Two Hookers and a Guy Named Duncan: Fascinating Rhythm and Geometric Design"2022September/October
Julie Thomas"'The Pretentious Pumpkin': Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!"pattern2022September/October
Kathy J. Gaul"Stitching Stories of Love in Fabric and Thread: Summer's Best Pickings!"2022June/July/August
Stephanie Rose Bird"'Floralia' [by] Stephanie Rose Bird"2022June/July/August
Cherylyn Brubaker"Applique Flower Basket: With a Lesson in Onionskin Dyeing"dyeing; pattern2022June/July/August
Wanda Kerr"Tools for Transformation: Stuck to Unstuck"Canada2022June/July/August
Carol Shewan"A Good Finish, Part 4 of a Series on Finishing Techniques: Show Binding"Canada2022June/July/August
Robin Whitford"A Rug-Hooking Challenge: a Canadian Group Meets Virtually for Fun and Friendship"eventCanada2022June/July/August
Gwen Dixon"Colorful Leaves: from Summer to Autumn to Whimsical"patternCanada2022June/July/August
Lucy Walsh"I Saw It at the Fair: a Rug-Hooking Challenge"event2022June/July/August
Sharon Hanford Oppegard"Meandering into the Abstract: Take a Break from Realism"pattern2022June/July/August
Debbie Ballard"The Value of a Pencil Crayon Drawing: Color Planning a Lily"Canada2022June/July/August
Katherine Hitchcock"Stories in Wool: Sisters Practicing Their Crafts [Lisa Bleier and Michelle Cavalcanti]"profile2022June/July/August
Susan M. Cunningham"Cats, Cats, and More Cats: Abstract, Realistic, or Cartoonish"2022June/July/August
Kathleen Eckhaus"Noodle Control: How One Clever Rug Hooker Keeps Those Pesky Leftovers Under Control [Tracy Granger]"profile2022June/July/August
Susan Grant"Beautiful Backgrounds: Part Three of a Series"Canada2022June/July/August
Deanna David"The Butlers: a Rug-Hooking Fairy Tale"history; pattern; profile2022June/July/August
Laurie Lausen"Prairie Flower Runner: Natural Dyes and a Primitive Design"pattern2022March/April/May
Luedtke, Debbi"North Shore Campsite [by] Debbi Luedtke"2022March/April/May
Micah Clasper-Torch"Punching: a Thread Between the Past and Future - What's Old Is New Again [Katie Berman; Venus Perez; Caro Bello]"punchneedle; profile2022March/April/May
Gwen Dixon"Baby Bird: Hook, Proddy, Felt, and Stitch for Spring"patternCanada2022March/April/May
Lisa Meecham"Woolly Good Rug Hooking Retreat & Festival 2022, Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland, Canada"eventCanada2022March/April/May
Neysa Russo"Scandinavia Stag: Felt or Hook This Magnificent Creature"pattern2022March/April/May
Carol Shewan"A Good Finish, Part 3 of a Series on Finishing Techniques: Two Ways To Finish a Pillow"Canada2022March/April/May
Wanda Kerr"Painting With the World's Most Wonderful Wool: a Wooly Palette"Canada2022March/April/May
Various contributors"And This Year's Readers' Choice Winners Are: Drum Roll!!! Readers' Choice, Celebration 31"2022March/April/May
Nadine Flagel"Finding Rag Time In the Gallery: Embracing the Space"patternCanada2022March/April/May
Susan Grant"Beautiful Backgrounds: Part Two of a Series"Canada2022March/April/May
Janine Broscious"Monarch Memories: Inspired by Butterflies"pattern2022March/April/May
C. Susan Ferraro"Rock Star: How to Hook a Rock"2022March/April/May
Robin Rennie"Hooked on Fairy Tales: Once Upon a Time …"2022March/April/May
Rebecca Martin"Shine! A Special Pattern for International Punch Needle Rug Hooking Day"punchneedle; pattern2022March/April/May
Laura Salamy"2020 Remembered: a Ribbon Rug Journal, 366 Days of Hooking"2022March/April/May
Amzi Collins"Fruits of the Earth: My 20-Year Journey With an Art Nouveau Portrait"2022January/February
Tamara Pavich"Taking Liberties With Portraiture: Colors Add the Charm"2022January/February
Martha Rosenfeld"Rug Design: Going Beyond the Photograph"2022January/February
Susan Grant"Beautiful Backgrounds: Part One of a Series"Canada2022January/February
Anne Hoffman"Hooking in the Heartland: Kansas City! ATHA Biennial 2022"event2022January/February
Lisanne Miller"'Single Paisley'"pattern2022January/February
Agnes Durda"The Sound of One Hand Crafting: My Experiences After a Hand Surgery"punchneedleHungary2022January/February
Rebecca Martin"To Punch Or To Hook? Two Sides of the Same Coin"punchneedle2022January/February
Karl Gimber"A Pandemic Fix - Or, Is a Hooked Rug Ever Really Finished?"2022January/February
Gail Dufresne"How to Hook a Sunflower Inch Mat, with Dyeing Instructions"pattern dyeing2022January/February
Patti Patrick"Hook a 'Cup of Herb Tea': Make the Background Fun!"pattern2022January/February
Sharon Oppegard"Winter Doldrums? This Could Be the Egg-xact Remedy"2022January/February
Jean Ottosen"Jean Ottosen: Inspired by the Childhood Poetry of My Daughters"Canada2022January/February
Carol Shewan"A Good Finish, Part 2 of a Series on Finishing Techniques: Double Whipping With a Rolled Forward Edge"Canada2022January/February
Wanda Kerr"The World's Most Wonderful Wool and How to Dye It"dyeingCanada2022January/February
Suzy Halloran"'Willie' [by] Suzy Halloran2022January/February
Susan M. Cunningham"Abstract Rugs For a Change of Pace"2022January/February
Carol Shewan"'Merry Xmas' [snowman]"patternCanada2021November/December
Diane Takao"'Poppies and Larkspurs'/Diane Takao"2021November/December
Tamara Pavich"Steadfast Joy: Things I Learned from Diane [Diane Cox]"profileUK2021November/December
Lesley Larsen"When Two Passions Collide: Carol Pugsley's Marvelous 'Photo' Series"Canada2021November/December
Linda Pietz"Punch Hook Workbox: a Place for Your Treasures"punchneedle2021November/December
Carol Shewan"A Good Finish, Part 1 of a Series on Finishing Techniques: Whipped-and-Corded Edge"Canada2021November/December
Sarah Leighton"Inspired by Memere and Making My Own Way [+ 'Flint Hills']"pattern2021November/December
Wanda Kerr"Color Tips for Rug Hookers and Wool Dyers: Have Fun Playing with Color"dyeingCanada2021November/December
Jo Franco"G'Day from Down Under: Celebrating International Rug Hooking Day"Australia2021November/December
Pat Hornafius"'Moravian Candle Tree': Excerpt from the November/December 1989 Issue of RHM"pattern2021November/December
Helen Mar Parkin"Winter Is Coming: Creating a Monochromatic Rug ['Canadian Snow Geese']"2021November/December
Judy Taylor"These Ain't Your Momma's T-Shirts: from Scrap Bag to Family Heirloom"2021November/December
Micah Clasper-Torch"On Hope & Home: 'Doves of Peace'"pattern; punchneedle2021November/December
Janet Conner"'Empress Theodora': Hooking Mosaics"pattern2021November/December
John Leonard"Abstract Rainbow: Create an Abstract Hooked Rug"2021November/December
Tatiana Knodel"Beautifully Simple: Playing with Geometrics"Canada2021November/December
Gwen Dixon"Holiday Joy: Small Hoops, Large Impact"patternCanada2021November/December
Arlene Merker"Three Birches [by] Karen Merker"2021September/October
Patti Colen"Front Doors: Walk Right In, Sit Right Down"Canada2021September/October
Joanne Page"Scattered Leaves: Bring a Bit of Autumn Into Your Home"pattern2021September/October
Joan Moshimer"How to Hook Harvest Corn With a Lesson on Value Sketches"pattern2021September/October
Tamara Pavich"Inspired in Avignon: a Travel Memento from Anita White"profile2021September/October
Wanda Kerr"Design and Critique: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!"patternCanada2021September/October
Elizabeth Miller"Seasons at the Parris House: Inspiration for Design"2021September/October
Debra Smith"Summer Abundance: Large, Medium, and Small - Just the Right Size for the Purpose"2021September/October
Lisanne Miller"Maple Leaf"pattern2021September/October
Nadine Flagel"Coding Value Through Hue: Binge-watching and Rug Hooking Belong Together"Canada2021September/October
Hayley Perry"Color Entomology: a Natural History Series - For the Wall and the Lapel [insects]"pattern2021September/October
Michele Wise"Hooked Birdhouse: Give Your Feathered Friends a Woolen Domicile"pattern2021September/October
Hetty van Gurp"Hooked on Tancook: a Rug Hooker Moves to a Tiny Offshore Island, Falls in Love With Her New Home, and Rediscovers Her Art:Canada2021September/October
Kathy Donovan"A Monochromatic Punched Rug: a Photo of My Mother"2021September/October
Michelle Palmer"Soncody Road Cherry Picker: a Flock of Birds to Hook from One Pattern"pattern2021September/October
Hetty van Gurp"'Fiesta Crab' [by] Lucy Neatby"Canada2021June/July/August
Robin Whitford"Create Your Own Original Designs Even If You Think You Can't Draw"Canada2021June/July/August
Gwen Dixon"The Art of Giving: Sharing Experiences Through Rug Hooking"Canada2021June/July/August
Wanda Kerr"Repeating Patterns and Color: a Match Made in Heaven"Canada2021June/July/August
Daniel MacDonald [co-author]Frame Your Hooking as Art: Part 3 of a 3-Part Series"Canada2021June/July/August
Karen D. Miller [co-author]Frame Your Hooking as Art: Part 3 of a 3-Part Series"Canada2021June/July/August
Kathy Wright"Pop, Fizz, Clink. It's Time to Celebrate! 25th Anniversary Celebration of Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio"event2021June/July/August
Paulette Hackman"The Colorful World of Molly Dye: a Rug Hooker's Vivid Imagination"profile2021June/July/August
Sharon Oppegard"Hooking for the Man Cave: Forget the Florals, Bring on the Graphics"2021June/July/August
Kristine Wilkinson"Atlas Moth: a Wide-Cut Summer Beauty"pattern2021June/July/August
Beth Snyder"Welcome Cow"pattern2021June/July/August
Vicki Cameron"Shortcuts to Show Binding: a Novice's Guide to Messing Up"2021June/July/August
Tish Murphy"Life Lessons In a Few Succinct Words [hooking faces]"2021June/July/August
Polly Webber"Refugee Dilemma: Speaking and Hooking for the Refugees"2021June/July/August
Jennifer O'Malley"Change Up Your Pillow Toppers [+ Shooting Star pattern]"pattern2021June/July/August
Nancy Jewett"Confetti Border: Add a Little Extra Color [+ lily pattern]"pattern2021June/July/August
Anne-Marie Littenberg"Hooked in the Mountains 2020: a Virtual Show of Rugs by Members of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild"event2021June/July/August
Jane McGown Flynn"Pink Pig for St. Patty's"pattern2021March/April/May
Karen D. Miller [co-author]"Frame Your Hooking as Art: Part 2 of a 3-Part Series"Canada2021March/April/May
Daniel MacDonald [co-author]"Frame Your Hooking as Art: Part 2 of a 3-Part Series"Canada2021March/April/May
Gwen Dixon"From My Father's Workshop: Inspiration from Father to Daughter"Canada2021March/April/May
Michele Wise"The Embellished Crooked House: One Step Leads to Another"2021March/April/May
Bill Florek"'Big Lily' / Bill Florek [with teacher Liz Marino]"2021March/April/May
Paulette Hackman"Gisèle Mac Harg: a Life Exploring Art"profile2021March/April/May
Rebecca Martin"Friendship Padula: Punching During the Pandemic"punchneedle; pattern2021March/April/May
Gene Shepherd"Home Sweet Home': How a House Chose a Rug Hooker"pattern2021March/April/May
Janine Broscious"Cactus Wren: Prickly Pears and Blooms"pattern2021March/April/May
Capri Boyle Jones"Enjoy the Process: Hooking in Good Time"2021March/April/May
Sandy Oravec"Accidental Shepherd: Kathy Donovan's Checkmate Farm"profile2021March/April/May
Rachelle LeBlanc"Finding Home Through Form: Three Dimensions in Rug Hooking"Canada2021March/April/May
Various contributors"And This Year's Readers' Choice Winners Are…Drum Roll!!! Readers' Choice, Celebration 30"2021March/April/May
Anne-Lise Bresson"A French Hand-Hooked Story: a Rug from the Sheep"France2021March/April/May
Sandra Brown"One-Point Perspective: Add Depth to Your Design"2021March/April/May
Ti Seymour"'You Are My Sunshine': Hooked or Punched, This Design Will Brighten Your Day"patternCanada2021March/April/May
Wanda Kerr"Starting from Scratch: Making Patterns, a Cozy Way to Begin"Canada2021March/April/May
Ellen Arnwine"Home Sweet Home"2021January/February
Judy Cripps"Sunflowers: Use Your Leftovers to Make Something Beautiful"pattern2021January/February
Daniel MacDonald [co-author]"Frame Your Hooking as Art: Part 1 of a 3-Part Series"Canada2021January/February
Karen D. Miller [co-author]"Frame Your Hooking as Art: Part 1 of a 3-Part Series"Canada2021January/February
Wanda Kerr"Spreading the Joy: Hooking a Rug for Others"Canada2021January/February
Anne Dickerson"Udderly Purple: In a Meadow of Flowers"pattern2021January/February
Trudy Bolduc"Baffin Boy Trilogy: a New Look for an Old Pattern"patternCanada2021January/February
Leigh Glenn"Val Carter: Hooking Windows on the Past"profile2021January/February
Carol Shewan"Hooking a Canadian Masterpiece: Inspiration from the Land"Canada2021January/February
Various contributors"Pandemic Rugs: Rug Hookers Express Themselves"2021January/February
Sharon Kollman"Leaping and Dancing in Celebration: a Rug for the Times"2021January/February
Lisanne Miller"Create Stunning Silhouettes: a Primer for Rug Hookers"2021January/February
Jennifer O'Malley"In the Wood of Kerhonksen: How to Turn Wool into Wood"2021January/February
Maddy Fraioli"Appropriating Appropriately: Rules of the Road for Rug Hooking Design"2021January/February
Various contributors"Speech Bubbles: a Challenge for Our Readers"2021January/February
Karen D. Miller"Watercolors and Acrylics in Hooking"Canada2021January/February
Cathy Tokheim"Spring Gathering: It's Time to Dream of Spring!"pattern2021January/February
Mary Logue"Michelle Sirois-Silver: Enchanted Space"profileCanada2020November/December
Janice Jackson"Quail [by] Grace Stohlmann"2020November/December
Wanda Kerr"Color - a Love Story: Embrace the One We Love"Canada2020November/December
Rebecca Martin"How to Finish a Hooked or Punched Pillow: a Visual Guide"2020November/December
Brigitte Webb"Hit-or-Miss Holiday Design: a Study in Values"UK2020November/December
Pat Hornafius"Fraktur Angel: Whimsy From Our Past"pattern2020November/December
Sharon Oppegard"Go Ahead, Tie One On: Reuse, Recycle, and Embellish Those Silk Ties""2020November/December
Debra Smith"In Honor of Great Women: a Gallery for Ruth [Ruth Bader Ginsburg]"2020November/December
Margaret Patricia Eaton"Alexandrya Eaton: Painter and Rug Hooker"profileCanada2020November/December
Vicki Cameron"International Rug Hooking Day: December 4, 2020"event2020November/December
Elizabeth Marino"Leaving My Mark: Hooking a 'Self-Portrait' [thumbprint]"2020November/December
Kristen Miller"Woodland Winter Night: Cozy Charm for the Season"pattern2020November/December
Rebecca Martin"Vintage Christmas Ornaments: Punch a Pretty Pillow for the Holidays"punchneedle pattern2020November/December
Judy Carter"A Super-Sized Faith" 2020November/December
Janet Conner"Old World Santa: Three-Dimensional Hooking for Christmas"pattern2020November/December
Meryl Cook"Love in the Time of the Pandemic: Relax, Let Go of the Worry, Create"Canada2020November/December
Carol Koerner"Hooking Your Pet: Number One Rule: Don't Be Intimidated!"2020November/December
Donna Hrkman"Santa, Santa: Designing the Man with Many Faces"2020November/December
Louise Kulp [co-author]"Perfectly Paisley: Special Effects in Punch Needle Rug Hooking - Two Color Beading Stitch"punchneedle; pattern2020September/October
Susan L. Feller"Tangled Threads Hooked Together: Two Artists Share a Passion and Scraps"2020September/October
Judith M. McLean"Add a Little Poison: Embellishment, Texture, and Striking Color in Your Rug"2020September/October
Joyce Krueger"A Quarantine Rug: What Do We Do When We Stay At Home? We Hook!"2020September/October
Anne-Marie Littenberg"The Hooked Rug Art of Grace E. Collette"profile2020September/October
Amzi T. Collins"The Anatomy of a Turnover: Hooking a Realistic Leaf or Petal"2020September/October
Yvonne Buus"'Jane': Punch Hook Design Inspired by a Favorite Classic"punchneedle; pattern2020September/October
Amy Oxford [co-author]"Perfectly Paisley: Special Effects in Punch Needle Rug Hooking - Two Color Beading Stitch"punchneedle; pattern2020September/October
Pat Fischer"Hooked Teddy Bear"pattern2020September/October
Maddy Fraioli"Victory Bags: Ohio's Buckeye Guild Hooks Reminders of WWII"pattern2020September/October
Joanne Page"Primitive Pumpkin: an Autumn Combination You Will Love!"pattern2020September/October
Joan Moshimer"Pueblo: Southwestern Pottery Inspiration"pattern2020September/October
Ellen Gould"Autumn Rose: Hook a Floral Beauty for the Fall"pattern2020September/October
Wanda Kerr"A Background Check: Contrast, Value, and Temperature"Canada2020September/October
Vicki Cameron"The Scary Edge: the Terror of Whipping Curves and Corners"Canada2020September/October
Colleen Wike"All is Well"Canada2020September/October
Kate Thornhill"Proddy Bouquet: the Same, Only Different"proddyCanada2020September/October
Megan Jenkins"The Betsy Ross Flag"2020June/July/August
Kathleen Eckhaus"Upcycle Those Shirts!: Comfy Cotton Makes Mighty Soft Rugs"2020June/July/August
Anne-Marie Littenberg"The Sculptural Bird Creations of Sandra Grant: Flights of Fancy"profile2020June/July/August
Neysa Russo"The Florentine Bird Tapestry"pattern2020June/July/August
Linda Pietz"Designing Folk-Art Houses"pattern2020June/July/August
Joan Moshimer"The Majestic Great Seal of the United States"pattern2020June/July/August
Fluff & Peachy Bean Designs"Mouse Heaven"pattern2020June/July/August
Kathy Wright"Art & Anniversaries!: Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village 2020"event2020June/July/August
Leigh Glenn"Gloriously Free, Quiet, and Alone: Linda Reiter Hooks a Space of Her Own"profile2020June/July/August
Trudy Bolduc"A Hook is Born"Canada2020June/July/August
Susan Gaby-Trotz"Revisiting the Group of Seven: Hooking the Details"Canada2020June/July/August
Robin Whitford"Swirls of a Feather: Free-Flow Hooking"Canada2020June/July/August
Lesley Larsen"A Hooking Challenge: It Started With a Question: What's an Idiom? [Ottawa Olde Forge Rug Hooking]"Canada2020June/July/August
Deanne Fitzpatrick"The Joy of a Mentor: Pay It Forward"Canada2020June/July/August
Jackie Alcock"Tea Mats: Just for Fun"patternCanada2020June/July/August
Aine Humble"Sunset from A'Cioch: Hooking Movement and Depth in a Monochromatic Cloudscape"Canada2020June/July/August
Wanda Kerr"Evaluation: Looking, and Looking Again"Canada2020June/July/August
"'Buttermolds' [hooked by] Karen Kasprowicz"2020March/April/May
"May I Have the Envelope, Please! Readers' Choice, Celebration 29"2020March/April/May
Sibyl Osicka"'The Theft of Comedy': Light - an Explosion of Color, Value, and Mystery [David Galchutt design]"2020March/April/May
Robert E. Jarrell"The Tree of Life That Lives On: a Spontaneous Purchase Leads to Creativity"2020March/April/May
Norma Press"Rug Hooking in the Chosen Spot: Inspired by Our Home"2020March/April/May
Maddy Fraioli"A Journey of Forty Years: Creating Pattern Repeats for Rug Hooking Design"2020March/April/May
Janet Conner"From Photography to Hooked Art: Is That a Photograph? Or Is It Hooked?"2020March/April/May
Laura Salamy"You Hook Rugs with Bedsheets? Why Not? In the Grand Tradition of Rug Hooking, Use What You Have"2020March/April/May
Ellen Banker"Do Something Amazing: Create a Speech Bubble"2020March/April/May
Judy Taylor"Pretty Bird: Hooking with Yarn"pattern2020March/April/May
Janet Carija Brandt"Hooked Heirlooms: Hearts and Hands"pattern2020March/April/May
Wanda Kerr"The Revisionist: Working with Themes"Canada2020March/April/May
Kelly Laaper"Beautiful Butterfly Bench: Springtime Fancy Inspired by an Antique"Canada2020March/April/May
Christie Beniston"Happy Butterfly: a Pattern for Beginning Punchers [+ group photo of Ottawa Olde Forge Rug Hooking]"punchneedle; patternCanada2020March/April/May
Gwen Dixon"The Charm of Bird Nests: Hook, Felt, and Prod a Springtime Nest"patternCanada2020March/April/May
Tamara Pavich"A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi: the Rugs of Jean Bartel"profile2020January/February
Lisanne Miller"Ladies' Nite Challenge"2020January/February
Linda Pietz"Theorem Painting on Wool"2020January/February
Judy Carter"Wide-Cut Realism"2020January/February
Grace Truman"On the Prowl [by] Grace Truman"2020January/February
W. Cushing & Co."Love Birds"pattern2020January/February
Patricia Pisch"Hook a 3-Dimensional Sheep"pattern2020January/February
Michelle L. Palmer"A Frolicking Flock: Hen's Special Delivery"pattern2020January/February
Margaret Patricia Eaton"The New Brunswick Mat Registry: a Permanent Virtual Tour"Canada2020January/February
Jim Beasley"The Sultan's Garden"pattern2020January/February
Janine Broscious"True North: My RV Compass Rose"pattern2020January/February
Christie Beniston"Punch! Have You Ever Been on a Yarn Crawl?"pattern2020January/February
Tatiana Knodel"Chinese New Year"Canada2020January/February
Sue-Anne Jay"The Bean Pickers"Canada2020January/February
Kate Thornhill"Designing with Geometrics: Lessons Learned by a Rookie Hooker"Canada2020January/February
Judy Cripps"Hand-Torn Heart"pattern2020January/February
Susan L. Feller"Trees Are My Inspiration: Hooking the Forest"2019November/December
Michele Wise"Paint Your Wool With Ink: Doll Faces"2019November/December
Margo Winters"No Two Alike"2019November/December
Jennifer Bayles"On Becoming a Hooker"2019November/December
Grace Collettte"Make Your Rugs Sparkle: Embellish Your Rugs with Beads"2019November/December
Kathy Donovan"Stylized Artistic Punching"punchneedle2019November/December
Mary Johnson"Deer in the Pines"pattern2019November/December
Julie Thomas [co-author]"The Christmas Flower"pattern2019November/December
Neysa Russo"Winter Horse"pattern2019November/December
Joan Moshimer"A Schoolhouse Christmas: a Vintage Pattern for Your Home"pattern2019November/December
Carol Shewan"Paisleys Can Throw You a Curve"patternCanada2019November/December
Deanne Fitzpatrick"Abstract Rug Hooking"Canada2019November/December
Debbie Ballard"Cheryl Behan: On Being Schooled by a Color Whiz"profileCanada2019November/December
Wanda Kerr"Working With Value"Canada2019November/December
Joanne Page"Midwinter Spice: Gingerbread and Holly"pattern2019November/December
Carol DeCoteau [co-author]"The Christmas Flower"pattern2019November/December
Janet Conner"Prehistoric Art: From Rock Art to Hooked Art"pattern2019November/December
Barb Powell"The Historic Rugs of Timberline Lodge"history2019November/December
Simone Vojvodin"A Passion for Punch, Part 4: a Calendar Hanger for Autumn"punchneedle; pattern2019September/October
Tracy Jamar"Honoring Marilyn Bottjer"profile2019September/October
Suzanne White"Hiding in the Pumpkin Patch [by] Cynthia Stratton-Thompson"2019September/October
Linda Pietz"Kintsugi in Wool"2019September/October
Gene Shepherd"Hooking Right or Wrong"2019September/October
Anne-Marie Littenberg"How to Photograph Your Rugs, Part 2"2019September/October
Lori Brechlin"Bittersweet Stocking"punchneedle; pattern2019September/October
Laurie Lausen"Autumn Fox"pattern2019September/October
Judy Taylor"Give T-Shirts a Try"pattern2019September/October
Hayley Perry"Rainbow Autumn Leaves: a Primitive Design for the Season"pattern2019September/October
Ellen Banker"The Spirit of Salem: Come Fly with Me! [Halloween]"pattern2019September/October
Paulette Hackman"First Chapter of the First Rug Hooking Guild in the U.S."history2019September/October
Nancy Zeppelin Parcels"Found Wool Magic"dyeing2019September/October
Wanda Kerr"Magnificent Panoramas on Purpose"Canada2019September/October
Janet Couper"Hooked Rug Museum of North America and Fibre Art Market"Canada2019September/October
Debbie Ballard"Have You Hooked a Good Song Lately: the Song Challenge"Canada2019September/October
Meredith Burton"40 Mats Honoring 40 Years"eventCanada2019September/October
Susan M. Cunningham"Party Animals"2019June/July/August
Satoko Uno"Antique Vine"2019June/July/August
Donna Hrkman"Steampunk Michael"2019June/July/August
Carie O’Banion"Walking the Camino"2019June/July/August
C. Susan Ferraro"Lobsters, Scallops and Mackerel"2019June/July/August
Anne-Marie Littenberg"How to Photograph Your Rugs, Part 1"2019June/July/August
Simone Vojvodin"A Passion for Punch, Part 3: a Calendar Hanger for Summer"punchneedle; pattern2019June/July/August
Gwen Dixon"Hydrangeas to Dye For"proddy; pattern2019June/July/August
Gwen Burt"Seven Seasons of Fogo Island"Canada2019June/July/August
Kathy Donovan"Woolen Wonders Rug Exhibit, VA"event2019June/July/August
Josephine Franco"Reimagined 2021: a Collaboration"event2019June/July/August
Cynthia Norwood"ATHA 2019 biennial, Denver CO"event2019June/July/August
Wanda Kerr"Color Planning with Themes"Canada2019June/July/August
Nadine Flagel"Dee [Deirdre] Pinnock"profileCanada2019June/July/August
Karen D. Miller"Snapshots from Wonderland"Canada2019June/July/August
Cherylyn Brubaker"Lobster Buoys"pattern2019June/July/August
Victoria Tuck"Sheep on the Moor [by] Victoria Tuck"2019March/April/May
Kathleen Eckhaus"Hooking Shouldn't Hurt: Body Mechanics for Rug Hookers"2019March/April/May
Christie Beniston"Punch Needle Rug Hooking Around the World"punchneedle pattern2019March/April/May
Judith McLean"Pennsylvania German Fraktur"2019March/April/May
Janice Lee"Let Me Tell You About Cowboys"2019March/April/May
Amy Nicholson"Rug Hooking: a Common Thread [Darry Nicholson and Gladys Turberg]"profile2019March/April/May
Isa Beniston"For Beginning Punchers: 'Busy Bee'"punchneedle; pattern2019March/April/May
Christie Beniston"For Beginning Punchers: Directions for Punching 'Busy Bee'"punchneedle; pattern2019March/April/May
Liz Marino"Time to Celebrate: Joys of Hooking"pattern2019March/April/May
Deanne Fitzpatrick"Rug Hooking Tradition or Traditional Rug Hooking?"Canada2019March/April/May
Sandra Brown"North American Orientals, Part 5: Focusing on Colors and Dyeing"dyeing2019March/April/May
Dawn Liu-Smyth"Sari Silk Monarch: Shimmery Silk for a Butterfly"patternCanada2019March/April/May
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Tips & Techniques2010June/July/August
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Wanda Kerr"Brown Town"dyeingCanada2007September/October
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Emily K. Robertson"Breaking All the Rules"2007June/July/August
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Carrie Morris [co-author]"Hookers Take on New Orleans: the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists 2007 Biennial"event2007June/July/August
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Liala Ralph"Color Match System: Getting the Results You Want from Any Dye Recipe"dyeing2007June/July/August
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Wanda Kerr"Wandering Revisited"dyeingCanada2007June/July/August
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Jenny Rupp"From Stitches to Loops"2007January/February
Pat Brooks [co-author]"Easter Egg Tree Pillow"pattern2007January/February
Wanda Kerr"Adventures with Spot"dyeingCanada2007January/February
Jeanne Smith [co-author]"Easter Egg Tree Pillow"pattern2007January/February
Gene Shepherd"Home Sweet Home"pattern2007January/February
Janice Peyton"Pony Express Rug Hooking Workshop, Marysville, KS"event2007January/February
Katheryn Bridge [co-author]"Emily Carr: 'A Little Old Lady in the Middle of Nowhere'"history; profileCanada2007January/February
Jeanne Field [co-author]"Emily Carr: 'A Little Old Lady in the Middle of Nowhere'"history; profileCanada2007January/February
Nancy Jewett"Red Bone Doggy"pattern2007January/February
Susan L'Hommedieu"Dianne Kelly's Tree Topper Star"2006November/December
Nancy Zeppelin Parcels"Gifts from the Hand - Gifts from the Heart"2006November/December
Lisa Yeago [co-author]"By the Chimney with Care"2006November/December
Jenny Rupp [co-author]"By the Chimney with Care"2006November/December
Candy L. Taft"Still Night at Murphy's Landing"2006November/December
Gene Shepherd"Christmas Stocking"pattern2006November/December
Anne-Marie Littenberg"Celebrating International Holidays with Mats and Music"2006November/December
Nancy Claflin Blood"Stepping Back in Time: a History of Lithographers, Currier & Ives"history2006November/December
Lisa McMullen"The Asilomar Rug School, Pacific Grove, California"event2006November/December
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Frances Ennis"The Circle of Life"Canada2006November/December
Anne Boissinot"Kilim Hip Purses"patternCanada2006November/December
Wanda Kerr"The Sky's the Limit"dyeingCanada2006November/December
Cynthia Norwood"Right Jolly Old Elves"pattern2006November/December
Toni Johnson"Rug Hookers to the Rescue: Special Rugs for Special Dogs"2006September/October
Tish Murphy"A Hooker Lives Here: Making a Public Statement"2006September/October
Nancy Claflin Blood"Fall Leaves: Freckles, Speckles, Splashes, and Swirls"2006September/October
Lori Myers"Norma Batastini"profile2006September/October
Janet Williams"An Error in Your Ways"2006September/October
Pat Van Arsdale"Flower Power: Combining Fiber Techniques"pattern2006September/October
Deborah Schreibel"Palace Cats"2006September/October
Jenny Rupp"L'il Jack Mat: Hooking Green for Halloween"pattern2006September/October
Lisa McMullen"Laurel Mountains Rug Hooking School, Ligonier, Pennsylvania"event2006September/October
Ann Lock"TIGHR's 5th Triennial Conference"event2006September/October
Jeanne Field"The Village"patternCanada2006September/October
Wanda Kerr"Sunrise - Sunset"dyeingCanada2006September/October
Sarah Ladd"Knowledge is Freedom: Understanding Warm and Cool Palettes"dyeingCanada2006September/October
Susan Feller"Karl Gimber: Jack of All Trades"profile2006June/July/August
Robin Amodio"It's In the Bag: Combining Fiber Techniques"2006June/July/August
Mary Henck"Replicating Rugs of the Past"2006June/July/August
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Ginny Stimmel [co-author]"And the Winners Are: the Winners of the Celebration XV Readers' Choice Contest"2006June/July/August
Ginny Stimmel"'Summer Sorbet' by Ivana Vavakova"2006June/July/August
Gail Dufresne"Choosing a Hook"2006June/July/August
Deanne Fitzpatrick"Great Beginnings Start Somewhere in the Middle: the Art of Nina Seaman"profileCanada2006June/July/August
Anne Eastwood"Frog Purse"pattern2006June/July/August
Nancy Claflin Blood"The Highlands School of Rug Hooking, Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania"event2006June/July/August
Kim Nixon"New Beginnings: the 2006 National Biennial Exhibit of the McGown Guild"event2006June/July/August
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Wanda Kerr"Riding the Majic Carpet: My Favorite Dyes"dyeingCanada2006June/July/August
Julie Mattison"'Country Cameo'"pattern2006June/July/August
Wendy Miller"Adorable Sheep Purse"pattern2006March/April/May
Susan Feller"Linda Rae Coughlin: Trail Blazer"profile2006March/April/May
June Robbs"Elizabeth's Easter Parade"2006March/April/May
Gail Dufresne"A Team of Two"2006March/April/May
Elizabeth Black"Gail Dufresne"profile2006March/April/May
Cindy MacMillan"The Frame & Its Proper Use"2006March/April/May
Anne-Marie Littenberg"Come Together: Adventures of a Rug Hooking Study Group"2006March/April/May
Kris Miller [co-author]"Vagabond Rabbit'pattern2006March/April/May
Rebecca Erb [co-author]"Vagabond Rabbit'pattern2006March/April/May
Judy Taylor"Hooking Primitives with Yarn"pattern2006March/April/May
Maddy Fraioli"Emerging Wool Trends"event2006March/April/May
B. J. Andreas"Dippity-Do-Dah"dyeing2006March/April/May
Lisa McMullen"Hook By the Sea, Nanaimo, British Columbia"Canada2006March/April/May
Laura Boszormeny [co-author]"Special Effects for Backgrounds"Canada2006March/April/May
Jeanne Field [co-author]"Special Effects for Backgrounds"Canada2006March/April/May
Ginny Stimmel"Family Farm by Marie Kelly"Canada2006March/April/May
Wanda Kerr"Nothing But Blue Skies"dyeingCanada2006March/April/May
Sharon McElroy"Passing It On"2006January/February
Nancy Zeppelin Parcels"A Valuable Lesson in Values"2006January/February
Mary Henck"Making It Your Own"2006January/February
Lydia Wagner"True Bliss"2006January/February
Laura Fisher"Developing a Discerning Eye"2006January/February
Kim Nixon"Show Color Change Through Textures"2006January/February
Donna Hrkman"Message in a Fiber Medium"2006January/February
Maryanne Lincoln"Shading in Wide Cut"2006January/February
Linda Repasky"Horatio"punchneedle; pattern2006January/February
Wendy Miller"Yellow Ware Pitcher Floral"pattern2006January/February
Nola A. Heidbreder"Cat's Paw Mat"pattern2006January/February
Susan Feller"Rug Days at the American Folk Art Museum, NYC"event2006January/February
Luise Bishop"Let's Face It"Canada2006January/February
Lori Myers"Anne Boissinot"profileCanada2006January/February
Wanda Kerr"Inspired by Nature"dyeingCanada2006January/February
Anne-Marie Littenberg"Patty Yoder"profile2006January/February
Trish Becker"Bringing Animals to Life"2005November/December
Susan Feller"The Twelve Days of Christmas"2005November/December
Sally Ballinger"Fair Market Appraisals"2005November/December
Jennifer Ryan Horan"Victoria Hart Ingalls and Tom Ingalls"profile2005November/December
Jean Riley"Home Sweet Home"2005November/December
Betty McClentic"The Foundations of Good Rug Hooking"2005November/December
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"Country Workshop, Buckeystown MD"event1994March/April/May
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Audrey Deere [co-author]"'Harvah': Spring Clean Your Scrap Bags to Create This Oriental Jewel"patternCanada1994March/April/May
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Various contributors"A Preview of Rug Camps & Workshops for 1994"event1994January/February
Jeanne Fallier"Rugs That Speak for Themselves [sayings rugs]"history1994January/February
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Happy DiFranza [co-author]"General Hooking Instructions"1993November/December
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Happy DiFranza [co-author]"General Hooking Instructions"1993March/April/May
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"Highlights from the First Indianapolis Rug Show, November 13, 1992"event1993March/April/May
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Various contributors"Teachers' Hints"1993January/February
Various contributors"Teachers' Showcase [Ann Winterling; Anne Ashworth; Marion Ham; Roslyn Logsdon; Nancy Blood; Ramona Maddox; Margaret Masters]"1993January/February
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Cathy Comins"What Sells?"1992September/October
Jane McGown Flynn"'Metamorphosis' - Part Two"1992September/October
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Michiko Shin"East Meets West"Japan1992September/October
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"Readers' Gallery [Denise McDonald Brown; Dukie Petrow]"1992June/July/August
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"'Japanese Wedding Plate' Hooked by Sarah Paddock"1992March/April/May
"Readers' Gallery [Jean Armstrong; Patricia Blau]"1992March/April/May
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Joan Moshimer"A Geranium Round"pattern1992January/February
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Jane McGown Flynn"Chautauqua [rug camp]event1992January/February
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Betty Maley"The Country Inn Rug School"event1992January/February
Arlene Strutz"Friends By the Sea Rug Hooking Camp"event1992January/February
Anne Eastwood"Hooking and Looking [Oasis in the Sun Rug School]"event1992January/February
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Anne Ingram"Traditional Rug Hooking Workshop [Kings Landing Historical Settlement, New Brunswick]"eventCanada1992January/February
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Meredith LeBeau"Festive Holiday Ornaments"pattern1991November/December
Janet Carija Brandt"A Special Snowman"pattern1991November/December
Happy DiFranza"A Rug for All Seasons: Wedding Rug"pattern1991November/December
Marie Azzaro"Sleeping Santa"pattern1991November/December
"Readers' Gallery [Fay Leischner; Catherine Eyler; Sarah Parker]"1991September/October
Tish Murphy [co-author]"Prize Primitives: 'Chicken' [and] 'Mizbah' [sheep]"1991September/October
Kathy Morton [co-author]"Prize Primitives: 'Chicken' [and] 'Mizbah' [sheep]"1991September/October
"The Cardinal"pattern1991September/October
Joan Moshimer"Tea Tree Blossom"pattern1991September/October
Diana Schrage"Waltzing Matilda"pattern1991September/October
Peggy Beals"Ilkley to the Rescue"dyeingUK1991September/October
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Mary Brandt Murphy [co-author]"Mary Paul Wright"profile1991Summer
Martha Herrod [co-author]"Mary Paul Wright"profile1991Summer
June Jordan"The Red Rocks of Sedona"1991Summer
Barbara Eshbach"How to Bleed Old Wools"1991Summer
Janet Carija Brandt"Following in Their Footsteps: Four Generations"1991Summer
Pat Hornafius"Amish Block and Bar Design"pattern1991Summer
Joan Moshimer"California Poppy"pattern1991Summer
Joan Moshimer"Seacoastal Seagull"pattern1991Summer
Joan Moshimer"Wabash Watermelon"pattern1991Summer
Janet Carija Brandt"Duck Prints, Horseshoes, and Chicken Tracks"pattern1991Summer
Elizabeth Tompkins"Dyeing for Primitives"dyeing1991Summer
Virginia Hildebrant"Southwestern Sunshine"pattern1991Summer
D.M. Toliver"By Hook and By Pen"1991Spring
"Readers' Gallery: 'Savonniere'"1991Spring
Sandra Cheverie"How to Create a Braided Edge for an Oval Hooked Rug"1991Spring
Joan Moshimer"The Story Behind 'Hooked on Cats'"1991Spring
Cathy Comins"You and Your Sales Representative: Creating a Professional Marketing Team"1991Spring
Maryanne Lincoln"Working With Color With Maryanne"dyeing1991Spring
Joan Moshimer"How to Separate the Petals of a Daisy ['Shaded Daisy']"pattern1991Spring
Jane McGown Flynn"'He Loves Me'"pattern1991Spring
Elizabeth Black"Medallion"pattern1991Spring
Elizabeth Black"'Victorian Remembrances'"pattern1991Spring
Laurel Brown"Heroic Flowers ['Peony', 'Fuji Mum']"pattern1991Spring
Various contributors"Special Readers' Gallery: Men at Work"1991January/February
Robert Redd"How to Price Your Hand-Hooked Rug"1991January/February
Joan Moshimer"Edward Sands Frost: Yankee Peddler"1991January/February
Joan Moshimer"Kennebunkport Musings"1991January/February
Jeanne Fallier"The Genius of Lester Olmsted"profile1991January/February
Cathy Comins"Interviewing Leonard DuBoff on Copyright Law for Rug Makers: the Final Question"1991January/February
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Jessie Turbayne"The Hooked Mats of the Grenfell Mission"historyCanada1991January/February
Annie Spring"Legacy From the House of Burnham"history1991January/February
Donna Swanson"'The Frog Trio'"pattern1991January/February
Joan Moshimer"'A Frost Dog'"pattern1991January/February
Jim Beasley"'Sultan's Garden"pattern1991January/February
Jane McGown Flynn"'Burnham Floral Center"pattern1991January/February
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Marjorie K. Pallotta"Finishing Hooked Rugs"1990November/December
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Pat Hornafius"Fraktur Angel"pattern1990November/December
Joan Moshimer"Kennebunkport Musings"1990November/December
Marion N. Ham"Santa Claus(es) and the Spirit of Primitive Hooked Rugs"pattern1990November/December
Joan Moshimer"A Welcoming St. Nick"pattern1990November/December
Joan Moshimer"Holiday Harvest Wreath"pattern1990November/December
Jeanne H. Fallier"Pink Angel"pattern1990November/December
Jackye Hansen"Stained Glass Nativity"pattern1990November/December
Marion N. Ham"Santa and Deer"pattern1990November/December
Jennifer Rex Boice [co-author]"Generations: Stella Hay Rex's Granddaughters and Rug Hooking"profile1990September/October
"To Be the Most She Is Meant to Be: Roslyn Logsdon"profile1990September/October
Susan Rex DiChiara [co-author]"Generations: Stella Hay Rex's Granddaughters and Rug Hooking"profile1990September/October
Susan Goldberg"Abstract Art on Burlap"1990September/October
Joan Moshimer"Kennebunkport Musings"1990September/October
Gloria E. Crouse"Hooked Variations: Exploring New Directions, Rediscovering Old Ones"1990September/October
Virginia Hildebrandt"The Grandpas: Eeney, Meeney, Miney and Mo"pattern1990September/October
Betsy Coleman"Designing Your Own - and Doing Your Own Thing"1990September/October
Pearl McGown"'Whirlpool'"pattern1990September/October
Joan Moshimer"Chinese Bat Cushion Cover"pattern1990September/October
Cathy Comins"Interviewing Leonard DuBoff on Copyright Law for Rug Makers: Part I"1990September/October
Maureen Rugar"'Paisley Garden'"pattern1990September/October
Joan Moshimer"Thatched Roof Cottage"pattern1990July/August
Mary Ellen Cooper"Hallie Hall: Hardy Heroine, Talented, Tender Teacher"profile1990July/August
Joan Moshimer"Kennebunkport Musings"1990July/August
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Cathy Comins"1993: the Year of American Craft"1990July/August
Ann Winterling"A Midsummer Night's Dream"1990July/August
"G'Day Rug"pattern1990July/August
"Koala Bears"pattern1990July/August
Jane McGown Flynn"'Oriental Geisha'"pattern1990July/August
"A Decade of Primitive Rug Hooking Workshops [Coastal Quail Hill Workshop]"event1990July/August
Sheila Betterton"Rug Hooking in the British Isles: the American Museum in Bath, England"historyUK1990July/August
Catherine Thompson [co-author]"Hooking in the Land of the Tatami"Japan1990July/August
Marion Lynn"The Art of Hooking in Western Canada - and Then There's Bea… [Bea Day]"profileCanada1990July/August
Ted Rowan"Baffin Boy"patternCanada1990July/August
Audrey Deere"Rug Hooking in Ontario: the Story of the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild"historyCanada1990July/August
Lee Pattinson"Down-Under Hooked Rugs"historyAustralia1990July/August
Happy DiFranza"Canada Goose"pattern1990July/August
Doris Eaton"'O Fish of the Sea'"Canada1990May/June
Various contributors"Readers' Showcase"1990May/June
"Welcome - To Our First Annual Readers' Showcase Contest: Choosing the Readers' Choice"1990May/June
Sally Atwater"A Junior Winner [Tanya Azzaro]"profile1990May/June
Mary Ellen Cooper"Primitives and Stella Hay Rex: They 'Fit So Well' With Life"profile1990May/June
Joan Moshimer"Kennebunkport Musings"1990May/June
Janet Carija Brandt"Hooked Heirlooms: Designing a Personal Family Keepsake"pattern1990May/June
Tanya N. Azzaro"The Hook and the Fiddle"1990May/June
Mary Sargent"Remembering Alice Beatty"profile1990March/April
"Readers' Gallery [Jeanne Fallier; Elig Kay; Mona Thomason; Jerry Carl]"1990March/April
Mary Theresa Klotz"Materials for Rug Hooking"1990March/April
Joan Moshimer"Kennebunkport Musings"1990March/April
Jane McGown Flynn"Pink Pig for St. Patty's"pattern1990March/April
Elizabeth Black"Good Time Charlie"pattern1990March/April
D.M. Toliver"Peaches, the Weathervane Horse"pattern1990March/April
Anne Dickerson"Udderly Purple"pattern1990March/April
Joan Moshimer"Farm Cat"pattern1990March/April
Christyna Jensen [co-author]"Castle in the Clouds Rug School, TN"event1990January/February
Ramona Maddox [co-author]"Castle in the Clouds Rug School, TN"event1990January/February
D. Marie Bresch"Snowscapes"pattern1990January/February
Happy DiFranza"Hop, Hop and Hook"pattern1990January/February
L. D. Stamos"South for the Winter"pattern1990January/February
Patsy Becker"A Winter Wonderland's Snow Fun"pattern1990January/February
Jacqueline Hansen"Winsome Waldoboro"pattern; history1990January/February
Joan Moshimer"Ice and Snow"1990January/February
Mary Ellen Cooper"Pat Hornafius"profile1990January/February
Joan Moshimer"Painting Pictorials: Everlasting Evergreens"1989November/December
Mary Theresa Klotz"What Do I Need First? The Best. How Soon Do I Need It? Now! An Introduction to Rug Hooking Tools and Equipment"1989November/December
Cathy Comins"What's Selling in Hooked Rugs?"1989November/December
Mary Ellen Cooper"Mary Sheppard Burton: Folk Artist, Teacher, Researcher, Author - A Life's Work of Dynamic Dimension"profile1989November/December
Joan Moshimer"A Right Jolly Old Elf"pattern1989November/December
Jane McGown Flynn"Sweet 'n Simple Stocking"pattern1989November/December
Pat Hornafius"A Moravian Candle Tree"pattern1989November/December
Jeanne H. Fallier"Beautiful Angel in Blue"pattern1989November/December
Anne W. Dickerson"Sky Splashes"pattern1989September/October
"Designs Enough to Dream On: Jane McGown Flynn"profile1989September/October
Joan Moshimer"Painting Pictorials: Creating Clouds and Skies"1989September/October
Jane McGown Flynn"Dear Beginning Rug Hooker"1989September/October
Cathy Comins"A Professional Approach to Publicizing Hooked Rugs, Part II"1989September/October
Joan Moshimer"Rainbow Borders [Pearl McGown design]"1989September/October
Betty Maley"Educate the Public: Have an Exhibit"1989September/October
"First Leaves of Fall"pattern1989September/October
Virginia Hildebrandt"Samoan Gold"pattern1989September/October
Marie Azzaro"A Pile O'Critters"pattern1989September/October
Harvey L. Stone"How I Became Involved With Traditional Rug Hooking"1989September/October
Mary Theresa Klotz"Choose One from Column A"1989July/August
Mary Sargent [co-author]"How to Hook a Traditional Hand-Hooked Rug [book excerpt]"1989July/August
Mary Ellen Cooper"Joan Leith Moshimer: Artist, Editor, Author - 'The Complete Rug Hooker'"profile1989July/August
John Sheldon"Different Strokes [Kendall Whaling Museum reproduction]"1989July/August
Joan Moshimer"Painting Pictorials: Working on Water"1989July/August
Cathy Comins"A Professional Approach to Publicizing Hooked Rugs, Part I"1989July/August
Alice Beatty [co-author]"How to Hook a Traditional Hand-Hooked Rug [book excerpt]"1989July/August
"Sunflowers of Summer"pattern1989July/August
Jane Olson"A Continental Clipper Ship: 'The Flying Cloud'"pattern1989July/August
Marion N. Ham"'Yesterday's Yearling': a Primitive Design To Be Hooked"pattern1989July/August
Anne Ashworth"Green Mountain 'Little Turk': a Primitive Oriental Design for Beginners"pattern1989July/August
Anne W. Dickerson"All Those Onions"1989July/August
"Pearl Kinnear McGown: 'First Lady' of Modern-Day Rug Hooking"profile1989May/June
Mary Sheppard Burton"Design Your Own First Rug"1989May/June
Mary Ellen Cooper"Visiting Rose Cottage [former home of Pearl McGown]"1989May/June
George Dorr"Swatches to Stripettes [the Dorr Mill Store]"1989May/June
Cathy Comins"Preserving Your Rugs Through Photography"1989May/June
Carol Prine"Of Llamas, Broken Legs and Legacies"1989May/June
Mary Ellen Cooper [co-author]"The Majestic Great Seal of the United States"pattern1989May/June
Pat Hornafius"Whimsical Renfrew Cats"pattern1989May/June
Joan Moshimer [co-author]"The Majestic Great Seal of the United States"pattern1989May/June
Jane McGown Flynn"The Shaded Rose"pattern1989May/June
Sally Atwater"A CraftAdventure Adventure '88"event1989May/June
Joan Moshimer"Painting Pictorials"dyeing1989May/June
"A Rose Cottage Rug"pattern1989May/June
"Ask the Experts [transferring patterns]"1989May/June


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