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Last updated 2020-Nov-22

Q & A Sessions
Beth Miller offers a Q&A session, Fridays from 12-12:30 via Facebook Live. Here’s a great way to ask a variety of questions, whether you are new to hooking or more experienced. Beth has lots of knowledge and she’s happy to share. She can also tell you a bit about chickens (did you know they have earlobes?), bees and more. Beth also has a virtual hook-in every Thursday, which is also listed on her Facebook page: Parris Hill Wool Works (note the spelling of Parris). You can also visit her web site:
Lisanne Miller
This month, Rug Hooking Magazine is featuring Lisanne Miller from W. Cushing and Co as she explains different ways to add sparkle and dimension to your winter rugs using glitter threads, paisley and specialty yarns suitable for rug hooking. And for Dec, the topic is snow. Very fitting as we settle into winter.
The Eaton Edge
Doris Eaton demonstrates the Eaton edge:
Interview with Diane Cox
If you haven’t seen it yet, a great interview with Diane Cox:
Silk ties in hooking – video
Using silk ties to dye wool for rug hooking:
Emily Carr – video
One of a series about fine artists who also rug hook. This one features Emily Carr. To see her rugs, if you already know about her life (or want to skip that), check out the last part of the video:
Carol Pugsley’s amazing peacock – video
Rug Hooking Review Week 3:
A PJ hooking party!
Robin Whitford is hosting this fun event this Friday, Oct 23 from 7-8 pm. You can either message Robin on her FaceBook page, Hooking Outside the Lines, or email so Robin can send you the link to join. It’s free and via Zoom.
Karen Kaiser now zooming.
The first Wed of each month, Karen Kaiser is on Zoom with a one-hour class. Cost is $10 and to be on her email list, please contact Karen at
Multicolores is an not-for-profit organization in Guatamala which fosters Mayan women’s creativity and talent, influencing and enriching their communities. If you’ve not seen the book, Rug Money, by Mary Ann Wise and Cheryl Conway-Daly, Multicolores is a wonderful example of how rug hooking has made a significant impact while enabling these artists to adapt rug hooking to their style. They are offering virtual workshops.
To find out more about the organization:
For the scoop on the workshops:
Beth Miller of Parris House Wool Works ( has a great Youtube video on how to put a rug hooking pattern on the grain.
Beth also wrote a great blog post on the importance of including attribution to the original artist and designer when sharing photos or other information and, very importantly, how to do it:
Karen Miller’s book, Eyes Open to the World:  In her book, Karen lists some of her influences:
Emily Carr, a Canadian artist (1871-1945) — who was inspired by the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast.
Tom Thomson is listed as Karen’s largest influence.
Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild has a Show and Tell section on their website.  Check it out at .
Also of note is their animation rug video:
Ellen Gould from Sisters Three Farm has a video on standing wool/quillies.
Laura Salamy of High on Hooking ( is an interesting rug hooker and fibre artist also from Albuquerque, New Mexico, with concentrations on the non-traditional, and use of old textiles (especially old t-shirts and bed sheets!), funky fabrics, and notions like yarns and ribbon.
The website is a great resource. and this article on stitching faces is a good place to start.
Check out Deanne Fitzpatrick’s live-streaming lesson every Thursday, offered via Facebook.  Go to Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio to view the videos, real-time or afterwards, and also to find lots of other interesting hooking tidbits. (Include the link you have)
Go to:
Meet up with Cindi Gay for a variety of sessions — live lessons twice a week and hook-ins twice a week as well.  Note: Cindi has changed what she’s offering, pulling back a bit.
Go to:
Liseanne Miller of W Cushing and Co also has great videos, courtesy of Rug Hooking Magazine (every third Thursday of the month they offer a new video and they live on in You Tube).  Liseanne’s June video features her method for dyeing antique black (and she also dyes red and teal, all of which might cause you to drool!)
It’s also a bit of a teaser to Beautiful Wool:  In the Dye Kitchen with Lisanne Miller, Rug Hooking Magazine’s latest book publication.
Check out all Liseanne’s videos on YouTube.